15 Minute Shaklee Stories


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Paula - New to Shaklee. Started with Basic H2 and did a wonderful job cleaning her stove without having to inhale fumes. Really impressed with Scour Off.

Susan - Been waking up with a stuffy nose. Tried Nutriferon before bed. Next morning she was doing great!

Cholette - Short on sleep and needed more concentraion this morning.

Matt - Senior in High School. He started taking Vitalizer and noticed a real change in how he got through his day.

Denese - Enfuselle C & E PM Repair on where she banged her leg and didn't get a bruse. Ant bites resolved with PM on her 4 year old.

Peg - C & E Repair healed bed sores.

Toni - Noticed her night vision got better when she started taking Vivix.

Joyce - she tried the energy chews when she was tired and it really got her energy going. Great for a quick pick me up.


Recorded: May 10, 2012

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