Natural Solutions to
Chronic Pain
Dr. Frank Painter



The Nutritional Management of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain causes UNBELIEVABLE suffering, disrupts careers and lifestyle, and brings about unimaginable financial drains on our society. It’s now estimated that 24 percent of Americans (or approx. 48 million people) suffer from chronic pain. More than one-third of them regularly take pain medicine to manage their suffering. Those statistics are very frightening.

Pain is caused by tissue injury, surgical procedures, and a variety of illnesses. The common pain we experience from a cut or bruise is very well understood. It is referred to as acute pain, and is accompanied by the inflammatory response, which involves local swelling, increased temperature, redness, and loss of function.

Damage to cell membranes during an injury releases two substances that initiate the inflammatory response. They are called prostaglandins and bradykinins. These molecules cause nearby nerve cells to transmit pain information to the brain. Following the formation of a stable clot, fibroblasts migrate to the site of injury to repair the damaged tissues. That is when acute pain is normally extinguished.

Chronic pain is different, because Chronic pain persists.

Our talk tonight is devoted to discussing the Shaklee supplements that can help to reduce or extinguish chronic pain. Supplementation is a safe and effective alternative to using pain medication. We’ll discuss this later in our talk. We will also explore how the modern American diet unknowingly contributes to chronic pain syndromes.


Recorded: October 23, 2012

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