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You Have Two Exciting Choices to Enter Our Learn
and Earn Education Program and earn Free Shaklee Products

A: Your Anytime Earning Program:

  1. Qualify for a $15.00 rebate on any order placed after you have view/listened to 3 presentations and complete the summary form included with the presentation You may choose any combination of 3 from the tabs labeled K&E CDs, Health Talks or Health Presentations.


B: Your 30 Days of Shaklee Earning Program:

  1. Qualify for $100 (retail value) in FREE products. View or Listen and summarize any 20 of the web presentations from the tabs labeled K&E CD’s, Health Talks or Health Presentations. This must be completed within 30 days of submitting your first completed presentation and summary form. Do the same for each presentation. You can use any combination of the specified presentations to fulfill the requirements for listening to and evaluating the 20 presentations.
  2. To redeem your $100 in Free Shaklee Products you must call our office at 910-791-3132 or 866-867-8419 to place your order. You can select any Shaklee products from our Nutrition or Personal Care Product Lines (excluding sales aids).  Products will be shipped at no cost to you after all paperwork is submitted within the 30 day time limit. You will be responsible for any amount over $100 SRP.
  3. To qualify for an additional $30 dollars in FREE products, refer three friends who enroll in the 30-Days of Shaklee Incentive Program within 30 days of your enrollment date.  Payment will be made when you and your three friends complete the contract requirements.


C: Earn An Extra Dollar in Free Products for Each Short Video:

  1. Many CDs and Presentations refer to specific products and there may be a short 2 to 5 minute video under the Video Tab. Watch the short video and make a short comment in the Optional Box at the bottom of your Summary Form and add $1 for each video watched.
  2. Use the Optional Box to let us know which option you have picked for your Learn and Earn Program and to include any other questions, comments or requests.



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