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Our Short Story - Proof That Shaklee Works!

Have you ever known somebody that can't quit? Someone that thinks that the world is on their shoulders and they can fix anything that goes wrong and works 23 hours a day to prove it? (Since then I've learned better) Well that was Steve in the 1970's and the STRESS it produced caused a series of severe health symptoms and the doctors could not find the cause. Eventually the toll became so great that it destroyed his immune system his nervous system and internal organs began to shut down and the docs gave him no hope but thought that an autopsy might reveal something that could help others!!!!!

Don't let yourself get run down - Prevention Works!

That was the last straw! If you have ever been in the position of facing your mortality you know that it makes you think! My thought was "now the responsibility for my health is on me, not the doctors" I could quit or fight and I was not a quitter!

The first thing I did was to tell my wife to feed me everything the doctors told me not to eat, which at that time was anything RAW. They had me on a very bland diet, no raw veggies, fruits, etc. The second was that my wife and her mother started a campaign to learn all of the Natural Remedies that were available at the time. Believe me, you don't want to know what was in the concoctions they made me drink and eat. But, all this kept me alive but not better! I still could not stay out of bed for more than a few hours a day.

Finally along came the "Shaklee Lady" with the promise that if I took what she had and didn't feel better she would return my money so I said "give me one of everything you got"! About 2 1/2 weeks later I woke up one morning and could think clearly! WOW, this was really an 'awakening', and slowly I regained my health, thank the Lord, and Shaklee.

The second way that Shaklee saved our lives was when we were BROKE! So broke in fact that we literally could not afford to declare bankruptcy! Long story but because of my illness we had to change professions and it did not work out. When the "Shaklee Lady" sold us the products we learned that if we signed up as members we could get a 15% discount so we bought the little case! Well that case was in the closet and I told my wife that she had to go to work to help us out, what a mistake! She informed me that she was not able to work for someone else, lovingly of course, and that we had to figure something else out, so I said get that 'little case' and see what you can do with these products. The rest is history. Little did we know that we were at the threshold of a great thing called the Wellness Industry.

As it is at the beginning of any great movement, it develops slowly at first and then gaining momentum becomes a force that can't be stopped. Folks, the train is now moving on the FastTRACK. GIVE US A CALL NOW AND SOON YOU WILL HAVE YOUR OWN STORY OF A LONGER LIFE AND A BETTER LIFE!

Call Steve or Karen at (910) 791-3132 or (866) 867-8419 today!

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