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The First 1000 Days - The Critical Start to a Child's Life


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The First 1000 Days - The Critical Start to a Child's Life with Becky Cash, Naturopathic Practitioner, Barbara Lagoni, Nutrition, Cornell University, and Hannah Sharapan, Shaklee Master Coordinator. Researchers have identified the first 1,000 days of a child's life from pregnancy through a child's 2nd birthday as a critical window of time that sets the stage for a person's intellectual development and lifelong health. It is a period of enormous potential, but also of enormous vulnerability.

Barbara Lagoni is a life-long student of nutrition! A graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Nutrition. Her formal education was just the beginning, she has continued to study, learn and teach the most cutting edge nutrition. As a Master Coordinator with the Shaklee Corporation she provides useful and timely information. She is fun, funny makes you want to make positive changes to improve your health!

Becky Cash is finishing her degree as a naturopathic doctor. She has six children, ages 3 to 15. Four of her children have special and medical needs. She found Shaklee because of those needs, once she found Shaklee she continued her education in naturapathic medicine. She provides natural health consultations by phone and in Indiana and Illinois.