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A Nutrition Plan Made Precisely for You and Only You

There’s only one you, and the Meology™ nutritional supplement plan is based on your unique needs. PLUS we’re now able to use DNA data and blood test results to give you even more precise recommendations.

It’s a simple process powered by complex science. Take the short assessment answering a few questions, and our algorithm makes millions of instantaneous decisions based on your diet, lifestyle, health goals, and biology to determine the amount and types of nutrients you need. You also have the option to input blood test results and DNA data from sources like 23andMe® or Ancestry®. Recommended products are then adjusted to accommodate for food allergies, preferences, and prescription drug interactions. Finally, we explain every recommended nutrient’s role in your health, so you can feel good knowing why your supplements were chosen for you. Choose your plan and receive your personalized supplements in convenient daily-dose packs every 30 days.

To start the assessment and get your precisely personalized nutrition plan here.

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Membership Features

  • You get a Media Library with with hundreds of exclusive health recordings. Can you imagine trying to maintain a library this big of CDs & DVDs to give out???
  • Your own custom Better Health In 31 Days website where you can send direct links to media pages to your members & prospects that contains your personal Shaklee story and all the pictures you want to show.
  • A dedicated Prove It Challenge Website.
  • A dedicated Vitalizer Website.
  • Better Future Training Website with the 8 Weeks to Director Trainings, New Distributor Orientation, and any current trainings happening.
  • A Business Presentation Website with many generic presentations as well as some that target specific professions.
  • Learn & Earn option available. The link shows the default/example rules. You are welcome to write your own rules or use the examples you see on this page.
  • Podcasts! We currently have the Better Health Podcast and Business Training Podcast. The podcasts are a great way for you or your members and prospects to listen to Shaklee Health and Wellness information or Training on the go using their smart phones, Ipads, Tablets, etc... For more info see the Podcast Info Page here.
  • We create your websites for you. When you join, you will be asked to fill out a short form. We will use that info to create your websites. Once created, we will send you an email with your links, information, and will customize your website with your Shaklee story and photos. So if you aren't a website expert we take care of that for you!
  • The Membership is only $16.99/month and you may cancel at any time. You are grandfathered in at that price through any future price increases and get any new future websites I create. Team Memberships are also available for as low as $8 ea. /month.

Join the Better Health Websites

How Do I get my own Better Health In 31 Days, Vitalizer, Prove It Challenge, Better Future Training Websites and the Podcasts?

  1. Click here to join.
  2. Be sure to look for an email message from us - (Better Health) (betterhealth(@)cmsinethelp.com) within about 24 hours after you join. If you do not see an email from us within 24 hours, check your SPAM folder for it and then if you do not see it GIVE US A CALL at (919) 807-1349. This email contains important information about your membership and how to get your website customized more. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you get this email or contact us 24 hours after joining if you didn't receive the email. We send the email to the email address you gave when joining.


Join the Better Health Website

Please Note: Demonstration website doesn't play any media files, however your actual website will play the media.

Your personalized Shaklee story or message goes here on this page in place of all this information about subscribing.. You can even add extra pictures if you would like. Your personal picture goes on the right side under the contact info block.

Join the Better Health Website


Questions? Contact me, Chris at (919) 807-1349 or better email us at betterhealth@cmsinethelp.com
If I don't answer the phone, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possbile. Best time to call me is after 2pm eastern time.



"I just got an email stating that someone had opted into the newsletter. :-) Yippee!
Thank you for all of this! I am so excited, you have no idea! Thank you for helping me to help myself!

Even though the site has just gone up, I am so excited because it gives me the mental push as well! I've been using the learn and earn protocol for 3 months, by schlepping around CD's to people - how awesome to be able to just direct them to my site - let them know which recordings are required and which they can choose on their own.

This is a HUGE relief and a HUGE help to my business. I can't wait until someone tells me they need information on something and all I have to do is direct them to this site."


"I wanted to let you know an experience I just had this evening with your website. We were watching tv and I had the laptop on my lap. I had been showing Jim (my husband) the business card you sent me and then showed him my Better Health in 31 Days web site.

I told him to click on different things that he couldn't hurt anything.

Next thing I knew he was asking what this was and how did he start it. He wanted to listen to the Vivix recording. You have to understand he doesn't listen to cd's etc. He is impressed with the website.

I still can't believe he sat and listened and wants to listen to more. He says the website is cool. That is a major compliment from him."



"By the way, a gal I met at a retreat, did my Learn and Earn program part-way, signed up as a Gold Ambassador, then promoted to director the next month. Your site is amazing and the Learn and Earn program is great." 

-- Amy

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