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  • You get a Media Library with more than 450 Health Presentations, Health Audio Recordings, and Shaklee Videos. Can you imagine trying to maintain a library this big of CDs & DVDs to give out???
  • Bobsfiles.net subscription allows you to download all the mp3 recordings available including the K & E Productions Recordings.
  • Your own custom Better Health In 31 Days website where you can send direct links to media pages to your members & prospects that contains your personal Shaklee story and all the pictures you want to show.
  • Learn & Earn Program and the new Listen to 3 Shipping is Free online programs are included. The link shows the default rules. You are welcome to write your own rules.
  • Podcasts! We're the only site to offer Shaklee Podcasts in the world! We currently have the Better Health Podcast and the Transformation Training Podcast. The Better Health Podcast will contain all the latest media put on the website and will include the Tuesday Product Talk each week, The Shaklee Hotline News CD each month, new health power point presentations almost weekly, the monthly Health Sciences Presentation, and any other new recordings. The Transformation Training Podcast contains the the weekly training webinar from Master Coordinators Barbara Lagoni, Jonette Coogan, and Jeanne Toovell. The podcasts allow your members and prospects to listen to Shaklee Health information on the go using their smart phones or tablets. For more info see the Podcast Info Page here.
  • We create your websites for you. All you have to do is answer the questions in a word document we need to create your site and email that and any images you want on your site back to us and we do all the HTML work for you. And when you want your site updated you just email us and we take care of it for you. So if you aren't a website expert we take care of that for you!
  • The Subscription is only $16.99/month and you may cancel at any time. And you are grandfathered in at that price through any future price increases and get any new future websites I create. I am planning on doing something for the new Shaklee 180 program as soon as I see what is needed. Please email me any suggestions.

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How Do I get my own Better Health In 31 Days & Feel Better In 30 Days website and the Podcasts?

  1. Click here to subscribe.
  2. If you do not have or do not want to setup a PayPal account just click the link below the PayPal login boxes where it says "Pay using your credit or debit card". Unless you just don't like PayPal I would recommend setting up an account. And if you have a PayPal account, but don't remember how to access it I highly recommend getting access to your account since it is a financial account tied to you in some way. Please never let any financial account go out of your control for any reason. You can contact PayPal at 888-221-1161.
  3. Be sure to look for an email message from me, Chris Spell (spell(@)cmsinethelp.com) within a few minutes to at most 24 hours after you subscribe. If you do not see an email from me within 24 hours, check your SPAM folder for it and then if you do not see it CALL ME at (919) 807-1349. This email contains important information about your subscription and how to get your website setup. If you want the websites it is VERY IMPORTANT that you get this email or contact us 24 hours after subscribing if you didn't receive the email. We send the email to the email address you gave PayPal and to the one listed on bobsfiles.net if it is different from the PayPal address.


Subscribe to the Better Health Website

The Better Health In 31 Days, Feel Better In 30 Days , podcasts and every new website I create are included in your bobsfiles.net subscription.

Please Note: All recordings in the demo site are set to play only 5 minutes. Your personal site plays the entire media file.

Your personalized Shaklee story or message goes here on this page in place of all this information about subscribing.. You can even add extra pictures if you would like. Your personal picture goes on the right side under the contact info block.

Here's an example of a competed website based off of our personal Better Health website.

The Newsletter block will allow someone to subscribe to your personal newsletter. It will send you an email message with their email address in it. This is an optional feature. It can be turned off if you don't want it on your personal site. You can also rename the title for the newsletter some something else if you want to use it as a contact me form. And you can add a phone number box that allows the guest to optionally enter their phone number. We do not provide a newsletter.

Here's what you'll find under the tabs at the top of the page

The "Talking Product Guide" tab is a link to your online product guide that plays the "Walk Through The Product Guide" audio in the background.

The "K & E CDs" tab currently contains all the K & E CDs available to subscribers for download on bobsfiles.net.

The "Health Talks" tab contains the Tuesday Product Talks and the Shaklee Health Sciences calls.

The "Videos" tab contains Shaklee videos. It will have the Shaklee youtube videos, the Shaklee website videos, plus more. If there is a video that is not on the website just send me a link to the video and I'll get it put on the website.

The "Health Presentations" tab contains more than 31 videos of power point presentations on various health topics and growing weekly.


Are you ready to get your own personalized version of this web site? All you have to do is subscribe to bobsfiles.net. This site is included in your subscription along with all the features of the bobsfiles.net subscription.

Subscribe today before the price goes up in January!

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Questions? Contact me, Chris at (919) 807-1349 or better email me at spell@cmsinethelp.com
If I don't answer the phone, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possbile. Best time to call me is after 2pm eastern time.



"I just got an email stating that someone had opted into the newsletter. :-) Yippee!
Thank you for all of this! I am so excited, you have no idea! Thank you for helping me to help myself!

Even though the site has just gone up, I am so excited because it gives me the mental push as well! I've been using the learn and earn protocol for 3 months, by schlepping around CD's to people - how awesome to be able to just direct them to my site - let them know which recordings are required and which they can choose on their own.

This is a HUGE relief and a HUGE help to my business. I can't wait until someone tells me they need information on something and all I have to do is direct them to this site."


"I wanted to let you know an experience I just had this evening with your website. We were watching tv and I had the laptop on my lap. I had been showing Jim (my husband) the business card you sent me and then showed him my Better Health in 31 Days web site.

I told him to click on different things that he couldn't hurt anything.

Next thing I knew he was asking what this was and how did he start it. He wanted to listen to the Vivix recording. You have to understand he doesn't listen to cd's etc. He is impressed with the website.

I still can't believe he sat and listened and wants to listen to more. He says the website is cool. That is a major compliment from him."



"By the way, a gal I met at a retreat, did my Learn and Earn program part-way, signed up as a Gold Ambassador, then promoted to director the next month. Your site is amazing and the Learn and Earn program is great." 

-- Amy