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My "Why" for Shaklee, began in 1991 as a health conscious, exercise enthusiast, mom of 4 children. Our oldest son was 10 yrs old and we were dealing with ear infections, bronchitis, and allergies. We began learning the importance of quality supplementation and being proactive with our health. Since then the 6 of us never went back to the Dr's again (except for well visits and sports injuries). My husband and I are both black belts in Tae Kwon Do... (Mark is a 7th degree black belt). I teach swimming and water aerobics and the entire family is involved in sports. We can go on and on about the competitive edge our sports nutrition has provided us, and so many others.

Mark had back problems, and the possibility of surgery. We told his Dr. we needed a couple months to start on the Pain and Joint Health regularly. We did, and he was able to skip the surgery with no more pain or the restrictions he was previously facing! There is so much more we can share, but suffice to say, we are sold on the Shaklee products!!!

As for the business, we had no interest, but after seeing the difference in our health and in the lives of so many others, we wanted to share the benefit these products were making in our lives. We had friends, athletes and parents begin to ask us why we were full of energy, not getting sick or taking medications. It was a "win win" for everyone and we naturally began to increase our income. But the real clincher came when 3 of my family members were dealing with cancer at the same time. I became paralyzed in many ways yet our Shaklee business gave me the freedom to do some research, visit, spend time with the Lord and at my sisters' and still our business continued to grow.

I have yet to find a greater opportunity where we actually get paid for helping others. I love what I do and I know that every day we do make a difference in people's lives both physically and financially. How much better can it be!

We believe today more than ever, Shaklee offers a Plan B for some...a real lifeline for others, but an opportunity for time, freedom and health for all. So take a look at our products and the opportunity to know that we are here to help team up with you to make a difference in your world!

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