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About 20 years ago, my son was diagnosed ADHD. I couldn't reconcile giving a child a narcotic to sit still in school. I began asking questions, doing research, and looking at alternatives.

We made dietary changes, increased exercise, behavior modifications, removed toxic chemicals, and added supplementation. We managed the ADHD with no medications!

No side effects!

We did realize side benefits!

After that my children had only well visits to the pediatrician. There was always a look of surprise on the pediatrician or nurse's face when they saw the small size of their file folder.

No Allergies

No Strep Throat

No Pink Eye

No Ear Infections

Our Entire Family became Healthier !


During this time, I was a trainer for a major insurance company and I loved it! That is until the corporation dictated training hours of late afternoons and evenings, which took me away from my first priority - my family!

I still love training, I was able to schedule it around my family time - while building my Shaklee business.

Today our children are grown and we are feeling great & looking forward to an early retirement for my husband – courtesy of our Shaklee business.

Whether you are interested in enjoying the benefits of better health or evaluating the opportunity of earning additional income from home, we welcome you.

I have chosen Shaklee as my partner because of the company's 60 year commitment to providing products that enhance people's lives!

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