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From Chronic Fatigue to Energized Mom

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Ten years ago Gail found herself with chronic fatigue, but who could blame her: She was a homeschool mother of 3 with church & home responsibilities and involvement as Executive Director of a not for profit organization. Even though she was up at 5:30am, her fatigue forced her to take a 2 hour afternoon nap and go to bed by 8:00 PM. Yet how could she possibly fulfill all her duties?

Gail remembered her busy college days when a friend told her about a product from the Shaklee Corporation. Amazingly, this product gave her the energy necessary to juggle a full college load, an evening waitressing job and numerous college responsibilities--all without a jittery feeling.

Gail once again researched the Shaklee Corp. and decided to give the product she fondly recalled another try. To her surprise, within two weeks the Energizing Soy protein and a box of supplements (Vitalizer) took away the need for her daily afternoon naps. Not only did she regain energy in the afternoon, but added 90 minutes of productive time to her evenings!

Gail's friends immediately saw the difference and they wanted to know the "secret" of this new vitality. Gail shared her Shaklee experience with the other Fatigued Mothers. The results? Within thirty days their lives were also renewed and energized!

Since her "Energizing" experience of ten years ago, Gail has worked with many moms and families to help them develop healthier and happier families. She also is passionate partnering with those who wish to achieve financial independence.

How about you? What are your needs? A healthier family? More energy? A friend to help you build a better future? Feel free to call us at 914.610.6719 so we can help you design your future today.

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