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It’s easy! 

  • First, let us know you want to enroll by sending us an email (Contact Us). 
  • Just listen/view the series of informative audios & videos listed below. 
  • After each one, submit the online evaluation/feedback form and click “send.” If you prefer, we can provide you with mp3 & video files for your iPod, smart phone or tablet and an evaluation/feedback form to fill out and email. 
  • When you’ve completed the series, we will send you $100 in products of your choice – we’ll even cover the taxes and shipping.   That’s all there is to it!

Bonus:  Earn an additional $30 dollars in FREE products!  Simply refer three friends who also enroll and complete the Learn & Earn Program.

Here’s the list:

  1. Talking Product Guide (77:25)  To follow along with our online Product Guide, Click Here.
  2. Shaklee Sets the Standard (57:40)
  3. Straight Talk About Supplementation (20:35)
  4. Vivix Reports (59:08)
  5. Get Clean (48:16)
  6. Video: Qualify for $90,000 in as little as 90 days and Earn Extraordinary Rewards  (43:04)
  7. You choose:Women's Health in a world of Delicious and Dangerous Foods(61:38) or Natural Solutions for Men’s Health  (76:17)
  8. Video: The Shaklee Difference  (7:39)
  9. Video: Why Shaklee, Why You  (5:54)
  10. Video: Rx for Healthier Life  (4:19)
  11. Shaklee Cinch   (57.14)
  12. Finding Health, Fulfillment, Prosperity & Hope in Shaklee (75:18)
  13. Wildcard!   Pick an audio from the “Wildcard Menu” below.

Wildcard Menu (Pick one you haven’t listened to.)

  1.  Raising Healthy Kids in a World of Pizza & Poptarts  (77:55)
  2. Natural Solutions for Men’s Health  (76:17)
  3. Women's Health in a World of Delicious and Dangerous Foods (61:38)
  4. Reducing Risk Factors for Diabetes (42:02)
  5. Natural Solutions for Allergies and Asthma Relief  (47.26)
  6. Healthy Mind, Mood & Memory  (64:36)
  7. Nutriferon – Unprecedented Immune Support  (59.44)
  8. Natural Solutions for Healthy Digestion  (62.59)

Contact Us if you have any questions. The information in these presentations can transform your life for the better! It has for us.

This Member Learn & Earn Program is offered by Cartwright Associates, Inc., Independent Shaklee Distributors for members of their personal group.  Information has been compiled from Independent Shaklee Distributors and is presented for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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