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  • SMART about their health - & a strong desire to enjoy a great lifestyle
  • PASSIONATE about the purity of ingredients, integrity of science & proven results for people & the planet.
  • COMMITTED to investing in prevention & learning
  • REWARDED for loyalty to the Shaklee Brand.

We have several excellent videos and audios that talk about Shaklee products - what they are doing for people, what results you might expect from using them, as well as the science behind the products.

To help you get started learning about this new way of looking at health, we've put together a wonderful program to reward you for listening/watching.
Here's how it works:

1-You listen to 3 videos, audios, or special conference calls
2-When you have finished them, complete the simple accompanying form.
3-You will then receive FREE SHIPPING for one order, up to $10.00 shipping.
Your order, $75.00 or more, must be made within 30 days of our receiving your form.

For each 3 recordings you listen to, you will receive free shipping, up to $10.00, on a single order.

This program is offered to Shaklee members or distributors.


  • You listen/view to all 3 recordings/videos.
  • You report on your experience by fully completing the form that appears at the bottom of the recording page. (Only qualified recordings will have forms attached.)
  • Be sure to include the name of one person you thought of who should hear this recording and why, in the last box on the form.
  • Each recording can be used only once for free-shipping credit.
  • Your order needs to be $75.00 or more, to qualify for the free shipping.

Note: You may continue to listen & qualify for free shipping as long as you are a member/distributor.
You may refer your members to this program by contacting your business leader for details. 


Choose from all the audios, videos, conference calls & webinars listed on the website that have a form attached

  1. Talking Product Guide
  2. Shaklee Sets the Standard
  3. Straight Talk About Supplementation
  4. Vivix Reports
  5. Get Clean
  6. Qualify for $90,000 in as little as 90 days & Earn Extraordinary Rewards-video  
  7. Women's Health in a world of Delicious & Dangerous Foods
  8. Natural Solutions for Men's Health  
  9. The Shaklee Difference-video
  10. Why Shaklee, Why You-video
  11. Rx for Healthier Life-video
  12. Shaklee Cinch   
  13. Finding Health, Fulfillment, Prosperity & Hope in Shaklee
  14. Raising Healthy Kids in a World of Pizza & Pop Tarts
  15. Reducing Risk Factors for Diabetes 
  16. Natural Solutions for Allergies &Asthma Relief  
  17. Healthy Mind, Mood & Memory  
  18. Nutriferon - Unprecedented Immune Support  
  19. Natural Solutions for Healthy Digestion  
  20. Shaklee Nutrition for Athletic Excellence  
  21. Secrets to a Healthy Heart  



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