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My name is Linda. I am a Registered Nurse who worked in the medical profession for 30 years, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother of 7. A few years ago, I decided to leave my position in nursing for more time, freedom, and financial security. Shaklee was the answer for me!! It provided me with a great way to use my skills and education to help others. (Exactly what I always wanted to do with my life.) Besides the great health benefits that my family and I now enjoy, I also have the opportunity to teach and train others to achieve better health and to develop their own successful in-home businesses. Shaklee has given my family a great future!

Shaklee has provided us with a great lifestyle including cars and great vacations. The very best part is the freedom to do those things that most people never get to do. We enjoy: loafing on a beautiful day, planting a garden and spending time with our family when they come into town without begging an employer for time off. It's great to really "own your own life".

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