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My story started with my search for effective green cleaners and organic children's products and I fell in love with the Shaklee company, its people, and its philosophy of living in harmony with nature. I decided to start a Shaklee business in 2010 after the birth of our second son as a fun and social way for me to continue being a stay-at-home mom/wife with a flexible work schedule. I didn't want to return to my stressful career before kids as a structural engineer.

Today, my Shaklee business is my part-time career and it has changed our lifestyle. I work mostly online and over the phone, helping my friends and their friends to live healthier, start their own business, or simply get their healthy stuff for free. Best of all, it allows me to never have to go back to crazy deadlines!

My husband, Carlos, is a busy university professor and has already lost 42 pounds in 9 months with Shaklee 180, while I lost the last 15 pounds of fat I ever needed to lose for an optimal body fat of 23%. In January 2014, we were selected as the winning couple of the Shaklee 180 Healthy Competition! We're thrilled to feel healthier now so we can live longer, fuller lives together. Since using Shaklee products for the past 3 years, we no longer suffer from chronic allergies, heartburn, headaches & migraines, hair loss, dry bumpy skin, PMS, or IBS symptoms... and we plan to continue on this healthy lifestyle as well as our children. Our oldest son, Sebastian, overcame his Learning Disability and multiple food sensitivities within less than a year of using a consistent Shaklee nutrition program, bye-bye leaky gut.

I'm so thankful for the Shaklee biz opportunity, allowing me time for my family, a life filled with purpose, and a growing annual income. My 1099 for 2013 shows an increase of $11,000 over 2012 and it's mostly thanks to focusing on sharing Shaklee 180, which allowed me to break out as Director in January 2013, the same month Shaklee 180 was launched!!! It pays to partner with Shaklee! I'm so happy to be working from home doing what I love, helping others get healthier and teaching others how they can also start their own business! I recommend everyone experiences for themselves the Shaklee Effect, taking small steps daily that lead to big results, whether it's better health, wealth, or both!

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