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It's Your Health - Own It!

Welcome to Better Health In 31 Days. In today's fast changing world, many people like you are taking ownership of their health and focusing more on how to stay healthy and fit instead dealing with disease and illness after it is too late. This website is designed as a resource to help you to take better care of you and your family.

Better Health In 31 Days is full of great information about many different health challenges and provides useful and effective solutions and alternatives for you consider. Let this website be a source of learning and that,"second opinion" as you take control of your health questions and concerns.

Tony and I have been committed to Shaklee for over 35 years! There is no question it is the #1 Nutritional Company in the world! The Shaklee line of supplements, weight loss programs, sports nutrition, and anti-aging products are second to none. Best of all they are Proven, Safe and they Work! The Better Health In 31 Days website is a great complement and resource for our business and Shaklee products - most importantly they are both designed to help you help yourself.

It's your life - be Healthy, be Happy!

Our Shaklee Story

Under my mother's guidance, I started taking the products at the young age of 14 and have never looked back. It quickly became a way of life. When Tony and I decided to get married, he too jumped on board and committed to a healthier lifestyle. Before you knew it we were blessed with 3 great children and from their first days on the planet they too became Shaklee kids taking their vitamins and protein every morning throughout their school years. Today, as young adults they continue to use the products and all three of our kids have become Shaklee distributors. So as you can see for the McDonald's - Shaklee is a family affair, we want to do everything we can to enjoy many years of a happy and healthy life together.

Tony and I really started our Shaklee business in an aggressive way in 2008. After years of taking the products, we decided it was time to jump in and share this great opportunity with others. We believe so much in the integrity and quality of Shaklee, have such a high regard for the leadership and direction the company has put in place and really feel that Shaklee is positioned for tremendous growth and success. What we like most is that with Shaklee we can help people like you help yourselves to a healthier and wealthier life with products that are natural, safe and good for our planet.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will consider Shaklee for you and your family. Let us know how we can help you.

Shaklee Testimonials

Tony McDonald -

It all started some 30 years ago or so when my "girlfriend" (yes, I'm talking about Pam) introduced me to the Shaklee product line. I can assure you she had the same passion about nutrition and health way back then! So much, as a matter of fact, she let me know the likelihood of our relationship continuing depended on whether I was willing to embrace my health and the value of the Shaklee products. I remember one of the first mornings I began to take the Shaklee Protein and Vita Lea, my father came into the kitchen and saw what I was doing and exclaimed, "Oh boy, I believe my son may be in love!" Pam and I laugh about that now, but I have come to believe one of the greatest gifts I can give to the people I love the most is to be committed, take the necessary steps and do whatever I can to be healthy and stay healthy. The last thing I want is for Pam and the kids to take care of a sick dad/husband.

There is no other company or product line like Shaklee in fact, don't believe me do your own research, you'll discover what I am saying is true. Obviously, you need to do more than just take the Shaklee products, you still need to eat the right foods, get some exercise (I need to work on this one), manage your stress and get some rest (probably need to work on this one too). I don't know about you but in today's world all those things aren't quite as easy as they sound. This is where the Shaklee products come in and made a difference for me. The body is a wonderful, miraculous machine but you need to feed it properly and give it what it needs.

Here are just some of the ways that the Shaklee product line has changed my life:

- I've been taking the Shaklee products for about 30 years. During the past 15 years I can tell you I have called in sick for work 2 times. Yes, 2 times! Oh sure there have been days where I was a little under the weather, battled a cold or just felt lousy but never enough to keep me in bed. Just lucky you say? No one is that lucky, the Shaklee products have kept me healthy.

- Back in 2005, as I was cruising through my 40's, I went in for a complete physical and although most things looked really good, the doctor was sorry to tell me that my cholesterol was at 223 and we needed to do something about it right away. Well, he couldn't write me a prescription for Lipitor fast enough which I immediately threw in the trash. I came home and just as fast, Pam set me up on Shaklee's Cholesterol Regulation Complex and within 6 weeks my cholesterol had plummeted back to 187! I was amazed and relieved and best of all I was medication free.

- Ever looked at those holiday or vacation photos and said, "Who's the fat guy?" only to find out it was you! Well, about 5 years ago it happened to me and I said enough. Traveling all the time, no time to exercise, eating out a lot and grabbing fast food because it was easy had put on the weight and it was beginning to show. My pants were getting snug and I was uncomfortable. That is when Pam introduced me to "Cinch" the Shaklee weight loss program (now called Shaklee 180). Delicious meal shakes, great snack bars, this program really worked - within 3 months I lost 25 pounds! It is easy, tastes great and is the safest weight loss program available today. The Cinch/Shaklee 180 contains Leucine which allows you to lose the weight and retain your muscle. I take the Shaklee 180 shake every day now for maintenance.

- For many years, I had a large sebaceous cyst on the back of my head. They are fairly harmless, don't really hurt and are more of an annoyance than a real health risk. Nonetheless, I was not real fond of this knob sticking out of my skull and was concerned about more forming as well. At any rate, about 5 years ago I began to take Shaklee's anti-aging product VIVIX. Over several months I began to notice the cyst was shrinking, what was once the size of a quarter was now the size of a pea. Today the cyst is gone! Was VIVIX responsible for this? I guess the honest answer is I cannot be entirely sure, however, if you look at what VIVIX does and consider I made no real other changes in my lifestyle, it sure points to VIVIX making a difference.

- After I turned 40 I came down with a very serious ailment - I had become allergic to beer! My God, this was serious! Sad but true, during the summer months I could not drink a beer without sneezing uncontrollably, my nose running and becoming all stuffed up. Once again, the doctor wanted to fill me up with prescription medications and I wanted nothing to do with that. Pam took it from there and had me take Shaklee's Alfalfa, Optiflora and Nutriferon supplements and I am happy to tell you I am now enjoying my sixth summer back with a cold beer in my hand. Cheers!

Jim S -

I was on statins for my high cholesterol for many years and started using Shaklee's Cholesterol Reduction Complex the last six months. My cholesterol is now at the same level as it was when I was on the statins without any of the side effects!

Barb S -

I was experiencing monthly and mild migraine headaches over the years that were attributed to stress, diet and hormones. Once I started using Shaklee's Vita-Lea and B-Complex vitamins, the headaches dissipated considerably and my energy level came back. I can definitely feel a difference now that I am taking the Shaklee supplements.

Mike Kwiatkowski -

I recently had a follow-up appointment with my doctor in which he shared with me the results of my recent lab work. He was pleasantly surprised at the significant improvement in my overall cholesterol and "bad" cholesterol levels. Both are now in the acceptable range after being high. He also noticed that I had dropped 12 pounds and asked me how I accomplished this. I told him that I was more consistent with my workout routines and I had started using the Shaklee Cinch (Now Shaklee 180) program. He was a bit apprehensive with my answer but complimentary of my results non the less. Below are the results.

August 2007July 2008
Weight217 lbs.205 lbs
Cholesterol211 >200 high186
LDL (Bad Cholesterol)154 >130 high124

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