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We know that our happiest customers, and those that get the best results, are those who are the best educated.
They are SMART about their health - and care to make good lifestyle choices.
They are PASSIONATE about purity of ingredients, integrity of science, and proven long-term results for ourselves and the health of our Planet.
They are COMMITTED to investing in education and in prevention - so they can reserve the wonders of modern pharmaceuticals and medicine for times of critical care and emergencies.

Here on these pages we are focused on you. We offer here these resources to help you weave your way through the confusing maze of product labeling and media sound bytes. Join our friends whose personal results span nearly four decades. $5 million of annual sales from these repeat and loyal consumers is a powerful testimony to the how good these products really are. We invite you to have the same experiences and positive results - and we are willing to provide incentives so you will 'learn & earn.'

  • Decide how you want to access this information.
    • You can listen or watch directly from this site.
    • You can download the audios and listen from your own computer.
    • You can copy the audios to your favorite format - CD, MP3, etc - and listen from your car or on your mobile device - phone, IPad, etc.
  • Begin with "Walk Through the Product Guide." Return the questionnaire to us for FREE SHIPPING on your next order.
    Note: the bigger your order, the more value to you. And yes, you can include the cleaning products. Why do we ask for this questionnaire? Yes, of course we want to know you listened before we give you the reward. But more importantly, we want to know what you heard, what was of value, and what is of most interest to you. That way we can tailor the information we give to you to what really interests you.
  • Select your first 3 topics. Return to us the questionnaire. We'll send you a gift package of about $50 of products. Products you've now probably heard mentioned and may not have tasted on tried. It's FREE!
  • Select your next 3 topics. Return to us the questionnaire. For each additional 3 new programs you listen to we will give you $25SRP Credit for new products on your next order. When you have earned $100 credit, we have a new gift for you.
  • Refer a friend - or even a family member. Ask us about how our referral program continues to expand our gifts to you.
  • Continue to "Learn & Earn." Please use these many resources to test your questions, and even challenge your skepticism. Yes, you're not alone in the expectation that there's difference in brands, and that these elite and often higher-prices products aren't worth the investment.



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