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If you are interested in better health, looking better, feeling better, using superior products, helping others, or concerned for the environment we can help. Before using these products, our family had all kind of health problems. Our daughter had a very serious kidney birth defect. Our sons (3) had allergies. They were sick often. Gene was a Viet Nam Vet. with many health concerns.

Shaklee came in as a great gift. Our family enjoys great health, and even though the clock is ticking, we feel better than ever! Shaklee products are patented, clinically tested and cover a wide range of health and home concerns. To learn more about the superior Shaklee products click on the Shopping Tab and/or the What's New Tab at the top of this page.

If career options, part-time or career-earnings, more free-time, stress-free retirement, developing additional streams of income, or college expenses concern you, we can also help.

For the past 34 years our business has kept us out of the corporate 9-to-5 box. We've built assets without liabilities, developed multiple streams of income where retirement doesn't mean a downsized standard of living. By example we mentor other entrepreneurs who would like to enjoy the same. To learn more about the Shaklee Business Opportunity, click here.

Prior to building this business, we were struggling with 4 children and many bills. Gene had his own garage (repairing cars & trucks). That meant long hours and no benefits. I had my own Beauty Shop in my home. I stayed home taking care of the children. Finances were not good. However, both professions meant limited time flexibility and when we weren't working, the money stopped too. We knew there was a better way to generate income for our family and build something for the future. With this business we got out of the box. We've built a business that gives us the chance to do the work we love, create many additional streams of income, and spend time with our family, now enjoying 8 wonderful grand children.

So do you know anyone interested in part-time or career six figure-income, seeking powerful tax advantages, building their retirement fund, or changing careers; and/or interested in feeling better, looking younger, and helping others to enjoy the same?

If you know anyone like that, or would like to try the products yourself, contact us or browse our website.

We welcome your inquiries and are available to work with you today. We provide excellent training and support, and work closely with you to help you build your own successful Shaklee Business.

Thanks for visiting our site & we look forward to visiting with you personally.

Judy & Gene Krawczyk

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