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Welcome to JLA Health Stop!I chose my company name because over 27 years ago I needed to "stop" and take a serious look at why I was falling asleep at work and gaining weight. A friend introduced me to some amazing products that gave me energy, changed my metabolism, and helped me get rid of those excess pounds! Because I was so excited about my results, I started helping other people & became quite successful. I believe my success over the years is due to my enthusiasm and belief and trust that I am sharing products of very high quality that really work!!

As I embarked on my career, I found some unexpected benefits - My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's and these products have kept him functioning incredibly well over 15 years, plus we have always had a steady stream of income, no matter what other challenges life brought. In addition, now that I am a grandmother, I am able to spend wonderful quality time each week with my 2 young grandchildren. What could be better than that??

For over 25 years I have dedicated my time and energy to helping those who choose to be:

  • SMART about their health - looking to long, active and healthy lives;
  • PASSIONATE about quality - insisting on purity in raw materials, valid science and proven long term results for both ourselves and a healthy Planet; and
  • COMMITTED to prevention and education - finding answers first with natural health choices and reserving the use of pharmaceuticals for emergencies and critical care.


Now I can offer you this amazing site which is focused on you and your needs. Finding information and resources about health is not always easy, but here you can learn from health professionals and hear wonderful stories from people who have actually experienced real and positive results so you can learn how truly excellent these products are.

We also invite you to have the same positive experiences and we even offer incentives to encourage you. Click Here to Learn & Earn.

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