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Listen to 3 – Shipping is Free: Learning the value of Shaklee products

We have several wonderful videos and audios that talk about Shaklee products – what they are doing for people, how they came to be, what results you might expect from using them…

To help you get started learning about this new way of looking at health, we’ve put together a little program to reward you for listening.

Here’s how it works: You listen to 3 videos, audios, or special conference calls in a calendar month, and when you are done fill out the accompanying form, I will adjust your account at Shaklee so that you receive FREE SHIPPING for one order. The order must be made in the month in which I receive the form, or the following month.

For each 3 recordings you listen to, you will receive free shipping on a single order.

This program is offered to Shaklee members only. Distributors should consult with their business leaders to see if it is offered in their organization, and if so, refer members to it.


  • You must listen to all 3 recordings within a single calendar month.
  • You must report your listening by fully completing the form that appears at the bottom of the recording page. (Only qualified recordings will have forms attached.)
  • Be sure to include the name of one person you thought of who should hear this recording and why in the last box on the form.
  • Each recording can be used only once for free-shipping credit.
  • Your order must be $50 or more to qualify for the free shipping.

Note: You may continue to listen and qualify for free shipping as long as you are a member. When you become a Distributor or above, you may continue to listen to recordings through this Better Health in 31 Days site, or get a site of your own. You may refer your members to this program by contacting your business leader for details. 



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