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For more than thirty years we have been helping create healthier lives!

If your interest lies in learning more about products that are not only healthier for you and your family, but the planet as well, you will be pleased to know that Shaklee's product line is based in rigorous science with a deep respect for the intelligence of nature.

If you are seeking information regarding the Shaklee business opportunity, you will find that making a living by developing a Shaklee business offers the possibility of a life lived in financial freedom, doing work that actually satisfies the soul.

For over 50 years, Shaklee has been a leader in health and wellness. All of Shaklee's products are clinically proven to work safely, effectively, and better than what you will find in stores. You are going to love how these products will make you feel, and how much healthier you and your family will feel after using them. These products come with an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee!

My name is Lee Frisch and I have been a Shaklee distributor for over 30 years. We provide our customers and members with a level and personal service that matches the high quality of Shaklee products. We want you to know there's a person behind the website that is there for you.

If you would like to speak to us about questions you may have, or prefer to order Shaklee products by phone, feel free to call us during normal business hours at 847-350-8009, or email us at lee@aboutbetterliving.com

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