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Before you start our program you must be a Shaklee Member or Distributor in our Shaklee Group and contact me before you start. Once we talk and we have determined the best time for you to start learning, you will watch and document (form below) on the video's that interest you the most. You have 30 days to watch the videos, you can listen anytime or place you have your phone and have a few minutes to listen or multitask.


Watch & document 7 video's =$25 in Shaklee Products (retail price)

14 video's = $50
21 video's = $75
28 video's = $100

The more you learn the more you earn. Complete the evaluation forms as you listen to the video’s. In 30 days we will talk and you will send me a shopping list of what you would like. I’ll get the products shipped to you.



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