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Welcome to "Better Health in 31 Days"! I hope you will find the information provided here helpful as you and your family create healthy lives!

My name is Cheryl Sutterby and my nickname is Sherry. My husband, Bruce, and I now live in Lewisburg, West Virginia after moving from Central Florida where we lived for most of our lives! We love the mountains and Lewisburg is my hometown! It is a great area and a wonderful place for families.

Over thirty years ago, I was introduced to products from a company called "Shaklee", and my life has never been the same! At 27 years old, I thought I was healthy, but found out I was not. What our culture considers healthy, is definitely incorrect!

I started listening to information like provided on this website, and learned that I didnít have to give in to disease or a life of low-energy! I could have a better life and see some results in as little as 31 days just by changing brands to products researched and marketed by a company called Shaklee Corporation.

Shaklee provides products similar to those you already use, but with a big difference! And, switching brands can make a big difference for anyone! How easy is that! And people save money too! Another big plus! Products are Always Safe and they Always Work!

In my family alone, we healed from anemia, colitis, allergies, nose-bleeds, psoriasis and that was just for starters! I listened to other people just like you and me, and heard their phenomenal testimonies. Some speakers are nutritionists, doctors, and pharmacists; but most are everyday people. I learned how our lives could be so much better! And, I decided to check it out for myself.

What was there to lose? All the products are backed by a money-back guaranteed!

The information you hear may change your life too! I am so glad I took the time to watch and listen, and will never go back to the low energy, sick days I lived in my early years! Now, at 64, I am so much healthier and so glad I was blessed to have someone share Shaklee with me!

Now it is my turn to share! So, pull up a comfortable chair, grab a cup of green tea, sit back and take a listen! I am only an e-mail or phone call away! So, if you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me. I know Shaklee will be a blessing to you and your family too! It is as easy as changing brands!

To your health!

Sherry Sutterby

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