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Gary and I are not typical in today's world because stats show that folks our age are on over 19 prescription medications. We are in our mid-70's and we're on NO meds. We've taken care to make healthy food choices throughout our 53 years of marriage, but it was when we found Shaklee in 1978 that we gained a HUGE HEALTH ADVANTAGE! We began to supplement our diet and came to enjoy The Shaklee Difference™.

PURE - POTENT - PROVEN! SHAKLEE is the ONLY company in the WORLD with PROOF of long term health benefits of its products. That is documented truth! This is The Shaklee Difference™.

Making a Difference...
We greatly appreciate this scientific superiority and believe our customers deserve the value that only Shaklee can guarantee. Among our Shaklee treasures are the dozens of "Thank you" letters received from customers for having made a difference in their lives!

The supplements, the personal care and household products we use either optimize health or diminish health. WE CHOOSE TO OPTIMIZE HEALTH! This website offers tons of documents that can help you to make wise choices as well. We offer a LEARN & EARN program - $$$ for listening to and commenting on tapes and videos here. Just contact us so we can show you how you can "earn" your products.

LIVE LONGER - LIVE STRONGER - free from degenerative diseases mistakenly attributed to 'aging'... Want a zest for life that makes each new day an adventure? Then SHAKLEE IS YOUR ANSWER!

How about you? Is it possible that you might be able to feel better than you now do?


In today's economic climate, hope for financial well-being is growing dimmer for many, BUT HERE IS GOOD NEWS ...even in the midst of one of the most drastic economic downturns of this century, Shaklee is growing dramatically...an extraordinary feat considering that the Direct Sales industry is down nationally by 10%.

Shaklee offers the best benefit package in the industry. This is documentable fact!

Time freedom...financial freedom. So who wouldn't want to SHARE the WEALTH?

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have enjoyed your visit. Please give us the opportunity to serve you!


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